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Potato Salad Cake and More...

Rice Crispy Treats. I love the box label torn off! Do they still have  Snap, Crackle & Pop on the boxes?

(Front of the card) 

(back of the card)

From the kitchen of "Streamwood" Ilene :)

An entry from an unknown person, looks yummy though! I love carrot cake!

Some of my favorite things are these very old newspaper clippings. I wish there was a date on every clipping! 

Not only is pretzel salad a hot bite, but in the spring of 1987 "The word this spring is feminine" {giggle giggle}

"Fathers Favorite" (front) these must be pretty old because the paper is so thin!

One of my favorite little goodies in the box, mostly because of the paper it is written on.  I don't know who wrote it, it is not Grams, but I bet it was a tablet of paper sitting at her kitchen table! 

Sunday September 7, 1969

front and back of an old envelope. I love the fact that Gram didn't feel the need to transfer recipes to index cards, whatever she wrote it on is where it stayed, folded and tucked away in the little box. Do you think she would have ever guess that I would be going through these and unfolding each one carefully, reading them having a giggle and loving that it makes me feel close to her. 

The 1950's staple party dish of America!

May 21, 1961
Now this I would actually LOVE to see recreated. To my knowledge she never actually attempted this, but OMG do I love it! :)

Not just recipes in here.
I couldn't find a date on here, but here is the front and below the back.


  1. these are fantastic - and hysterical! thanks for posting the breakfast casserole, wished i had that several times!